CS 332a: Advanced HTML Programming

Assignments for this Course Updated 3/11/2001
John December's HTML Station
Earthweb's HTML Goodies Site
The Infamous Vincent Flanders' Site

Chapter 19: Creating JavaScript Scripts Revised 11/30/2000
Chapter 20: Working with JavaScript Revised 1/13/2001
Joe Burns' JavaScript Primer #1
Joe Burns' JavaScript Primer #2: Error Messages
Joe Burns' JavaScript Primer #3: Dates and Times
Joe Burns' JavaScript Primer #4: onMouseover
Joe Burns' JavaScript Primer #6: Prompts and Variables
Notes on JavaScript: Part 1
Study Guide for First Quiz
Joe Burns' JavaScript Primer #7: Properties
Notes on JavaScript: Part 2
Chapter 22: Writing and Designing Web Pages: Dos and Don'ts
Chapter 25: Puttng Your Site Online
CSS References - from Web Design Group
CSS Notes
Study Guide for Second Quiz

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