CIS 331: Database Management Using SQL

Database Management, Chapter 1: Introduction to Database Management
Database Management, Chapter 2: The Relational Model 1: Introduction, QBE, and Relational Algebra
Where do I get the SSH client to use at home?
Handout on Connecting to MySQL on Crux with SSH Client
Handout on backslash commands in MySQL
Guide to MySQL, Chapter 2: Database Design Fundamentals
Guide to MySQL, Chapter 3: An Introducton to SQL
Guide to MySQL, Chapter 4: Single-Table Queries
Study Guide for First Test
Project Requirements
Guide to MySQL, Chapter 5: Multiple-Table Queries
Database Management, Chapter 5: Database Design 1: Normalization
Database Management, Chapter 7: DBMS Functions
Study Guide for Second Test
Guide to MySQL, Chapter 6: Updating Data
Guide to MySQL, Chapter 7: Database Administration
Guide to MySQL, Chapter 8: MySQL Special Topics
Study Guide for Third Test

Database Systems: The Complete Book - see the student projects on this site for ideas about yours
Tech Web Encyclopedia
One Look - a great site for looking up any word
What Is...? - great for looking up technical terms
Marshall Brain's How Stuff Works - great articles on technology
SQLcourse - lessons and practice with SQL
MySQL Online Manual - lessons and practice with MySQL
Beginners Guide to SQL at the Udemy blog site - introduction to SQL, and many other subjects


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