CIS 107a: Introduction to Hardware Concepts

Chapter 1: Hardware Needs Software to Work
Chapter 2: PC Repair Fundamentals
Chapter 3: Form Factors and Power Supplies
Chapter 4: Processors and Chipsets
Study Guide for First Test
Chapter 5: The Motherboard
Chapter 6: Upgrading Memory
Chapter 7: Hard Drives
Chapter 8: Installing and Supporting I/O Devices
Study Guide for Second Test
Chapter 9: Multimedia Devices and Mass Storage
Chapter 10: PCs on a Network
Chapter 11: Notebooks, Tablet PCs, and PDAs
Chapter 12: Supporting Printers and Scanners
Study Guide for Third Test (Note: final exam will be cumulative.)

Appendix C: Supporting SCSI and Legacy Devices

Bill Sherman's Study Guide for the A+ Certification Test (Word doc file)
Tech Web Encyclopedia
One Look - a great site for looking up any word
What Is...? - great for looking up technical terms
Marshall Brain's How Stuff Works - great articles on technology
Crucial - use their memory diagnostic to figure out upgrades
Techbargains - looking for discounts? They track who has what on sale.

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