CAP 271 - Computer Animation Portfolio Project

Chapters 1-4, Designing a Digital Portfolio
Chapters 5-8, Designing a Digital Portfolio
Chapter 9 (chapter 8 in second edition): Creating Written Content
Chapter 12: Copyright & Portfolio - modified 4/23/2012

Adobe Encore Overview
Adobe Encore: Adobe TV Notes
Adobe TV Lessons on Encore CS4
Portfolio Planning
Assignment: week 7
Final Review

Encore DVD 2.0: Ten Tips
Adobe Video Workshop - Tutorials for Various CS3 Products

Other useful web sites:

Pixar website
Blizzard website
AWN - Animation World Network

CG Arena - Starship tutorial - articles, tutorials - articles, tutorials - articles, tutorials
Wikipedia list of movies made with 3DS Max

High End 3D Careers web site
High End 3D Software forums


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