ITS 3250 - Securing Systems

ITS 3250 text

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Lesson 1: Chapters 3 and 4
Lesson 2: Taking stock, resetting expectations
Lesson 3: macOS
Lesson 4: Group Policies
Lesson 5: SOP documents
Lesson 6: Encryption
Lesson 7: Chapter 2, and other sources about hardening Windows servers
Lesson 8: Securing Routers
Review for the mid-term test
Lesson 9: Input from Other Instructors
Lesson 10: Disrupting Hackers; videos from USENIX Enigma Conference
Lesson 11: Tech News Sources
Lesson 12: Network Security Checklist
Lesson 14: Artillery
Lesson 15: Network Tools
Review for the end-of-term test

Other useful web sites:
CompTIA Security+ page
Dept of Homeland Security, Cybersecurity page
US-CERT Cyber Security Tips
Awsome Security - A collection of software, libraries, documents, books, resources, and cool stuff about security.
Krebs on Security
One Look - a great site for looking up any word
What Is...? - great for looking up technical terms
MalwareBytes - a fine product for scanning for obstinate viruses

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